Solar Car Charger Brevard

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about your electric car - including reduced dependence upon gasoline and reduced fuel cost. There are also new things to consider including how your electric car will affect your electricity bill.

United Solar's experts are here to help you assess your electric car's needs, from a free consultation about energy use to charging station design and installation.

How Much Electricity Will My Car Use?

United Solar's consultants take the time to understand your driving habits and energy bills to help you understand how your electric vehicle use will affect your electricity bills.

We present a customized report detailing your electricity charges as they pertain to your vehicle type, your driving patterns and your local utility's rate structure.

With a detailed understanding of your energy usage, SolarCity will recommend options for you to maximize your financial savings when you switch to an EV.

Get A Solar Car Charging Station

A rooftop solar energy system can enable you to drive completely emissions free while dramatically reducing your electric bills.

In Florida, many utilities have special energy rates that can help you pile on the savings. United Solar will help you manage the process of switching rates with your utility.

Maximize Savings

United Solar's consultants can help you understand how to maximize the charging capacity of your existing electrical equipment and what upgrades may be necessary to fit your driving habits and needs.

We install systems that are compatible with most electric vehicles including the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, BMW Active-e and Tesla. We understand and will ensure your system is compatible with electric codes (UL, NEC, etc.) and automotive standards (SAE, etc.).

United Solar designs and installs electric vehicle charging systems for homes and businesses. Our team members are experts in optimizing charging systems for your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid model.

We manage every detail of your charging system installation project making sure it is properly designed, permitted and compliant with electric codes and tuned to your specific home and driving habits.


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